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Kang Guru magazines are published in March, June, September and December. Kang Guru magazines are “FREE” and should not be sold for profit.

If you would like your own personal copy then write an interesting “letter or SMS”, of at least 75 words, to KGRE and order the KGRE magazine “NOW!” Be sure to tell us about your life, hobbies, family, etc.

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91 Balasan ke Majalah Gratis Kang Guru Radio English

  1. aryana zhiday berkata:

    I want to can english language maybe by kangguru magazine can heip me add new vocabularies, add knowladge of english and story.

  2. nurs berkata:

    You are right. I think so. We will get much benefit from the magazine. I also try to make a contact with it, but I haven’t recieve it yet, but I hope I will get it next time.

  3. Ita Anistianah berkata:

    I Hope I Could Increase My Language english with Kangguru Magazine

  4. thanks for kagguru magazine…

  5. Rizky Yuna Susiawan berkata:

    Iam a student. My hobby is playing music,singing, etc. I like to tell with a foreigner, cz i tihnk that i can increase my experience from him. I like a friendship. I have one brother and one sister. I live in small village that still natural with the natural view. Now,I am a student in industrial engineering ITS Surabaya. I think that english is one of the way to make me be a succesfull man if i’m in bussines world. I hope that if I can red kangguru magazine I can increase my english and I can get many information from kangguru magazine. please approve me to be a member of kangguru magazine. thank you very much kangguru…

    Rizky Yuna Susiawan
    Gebang kidul street no.32, Sukolilo
    Surabaya 60117

  6. elvigto berkata:

    @Rizky: If you would like your own personal copy then write an interesting “letter or SMS”, of at least 75 words, to KGRE, oke!

    • Busron Musthofa berkata:

      Hi, rizky I am interested to KGRE Magazines. I think today I am very need some magazines for my students. If you have it, I hope would like to give us some magazines about 50 magazines. I plan these magazines is used for students in reading activity or for discuss. I will receive it, whether old or new one. I will give it to school library. I will wait your reply, thank you.
      Here is my school address :
      SMK Negeri 1 Krangkeng
      Jl. Raya Singakerta Kecamatan Krangkeng Kabupaten Indramayu Provinsi Jawa Barat.Kode Pos 45284
      Tlp. 02347011166

    • NURHIDAYATI berkata:

      is it from the sms of mobiile, from post letter, or email. and I want to be KGRE member and if you don’t mind would you give me the KGRE magazines for my students for 30 books. Here is my school adress:
      Jl. Raya Rengganis Kecamatan Labuapi, Lombok Barat Provinsi NTB
      POS. 83361
      TLP. 087 864 456 117

    • rizal syafiudin berkata:

      i really want to magazine
      please.. i very need

  7. binarti rahayu berkata:

    can i get kanguru magazine by my email?

  8. Lilik Isnainiyah berkata:

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Lilik Isnainiyah, I am an English teacher. Actually I have known this magazine since I was in university, I read it in my faculty. Now I have graduated so I can read it anymore. I have An English Class in my school, It started after school, the students are very interested in studying English and I told them about this magazine, It’s very amazing, they are very interested and want to read the magazine. I think this magazine can support them to study English more not only the language but also the culture.
    Hopefully this magazine can increase their knowledge of English.
    Please, approve me and my students to be a member of this magazine. thanks

  9. erwin suhendra berkata:

    Hai… my name is ErwinSuhendra.. I am a student in IKIP Mataram now I am in the 3rd smstr. My hobby is reading. I am interested in English since primary school.
    I heard about Kang Guru when I still school at SMKN 3 Mataram.. I’m so excited when I heard about Kang Guru.
    Till now I fell difficult to practice and improve my English because of lack of friends to practice and book to read, yesterday I’ve read this magazine.
    Well.. it’s very amazing. It’s give me more information about English, culture, educatuion, and entertainment..
    I hope I can become member of Kang Guru. Can I get Kang Guru magazine for me?

  10. Armin berkata:

    hello, my name is nick name is armin.please help me to explore my english skill in surabaya which i trully feel difficult to practice my english because my environmen not support my english such as in my work area and in the my rent house at ngagel wonokromo surabaya.finally i whould like to say so thank you so much.

  11. ARIF HIDAYAT berkata:

    Let me introduce myself, my name is ARIF HIDAYAT, I am an English teacher in SDI ULIL-ALBAB KEBUMEN. Actually I have known this magazine since I was in university, I read it in my faculty. Now I have graduated so I can read it anymore. I have An English Class in my school, It started after school, the students are very interested in studying English and I told them about this magazine, It’s very amazing, they are very interested and want to read the magazine. I think this magazine can support them to study English more not only the language but also the culture.
    Hopefully this magazine can increase their knowledge of English.
    Please, approve me and my students to be a member of this magazine. thanks

  12. moh. muhlis berkata:

    actually, i want to order some magazines freely.. but i see the date.. it’s to old.. i hope i get the latest magazine (December 2010)

  13. Muhlisin berkata:

    I am a teacher at Junior high school and i am interested in reading Kang Guru magazine . Therefore , i hope you don’t mind to send the magazine for me as a media for teaching

  14. ririn utami berkata:

    hi kangguru…. iam an english teacher at Islamic school Miftahul Huda Kalianda. thanks for magazine that i get when i was workshop in Natar. please give me magazine in new edition. its make me increase my knowledge n information for good teaching.

  15. istiaji peni damayanti berkata:

    Hi……. my name is Istiaji Peni Damayanti, I am an English teacher in SMP N 2 Tlogomulyo Temanggung Central Java. Actually I have known this magazine since I was in university .I read it from my friend then I request it and get this magazine for three times. but I don’t know why It stopped. and now I need this magazine again as a media for teaching. and I think this magazine can support my teaching and learning process not only to increase the language but also the culture and knowledge.
    Therefore , I hope you don’t mind to send the magazine for me and approve me to be a member of this magazine again. thank you very much KGI……..


  16. indana zulfa berkata:

    Hi, my name is Indana zulfa, I am 29 years old and i teach English in Senior High School in West Java in Indramayu. I have known this magazine since I was in first semester when I was in University but because of I move to other country, so the magazine has never sent me any magazine, through this …. i want to ask for your magazine, please send me to Indana Zulfa, address : Madrasah Aliyah Darul Falah on Jalan Margamulya Tundagan Bongas, Indramayu, West Java (Jawa Barat) 45255

  17. Jamaris berkata:

    I am an English trainer at Education and Training Center in Padang Indonesia. I really hope to get a free magazine each edition. Thanks a lot.

  18. sugiharto berkata:

    hello, I am not English teacher but i am interesting in English activity. I read your magazine two years ago lent by my friend and if you don’t mind, would you post me KGRE in the future, please?

  19. annie berkata:

    Hello. I am a student in university. I have known this magazine from my friend. I interest in this magazine becouse it can support my learning process and improve my English to be better. I want to ask for your magazine, please send me to annie rosyida, address :Dlimas RT 02/ RW 03, on Jalan Petamanan-Limpung, Banyuputih, Batang, Central Java (Jawa Tengah) 51271

  20. annie berkata:

    Hello. I am a student in university. I have known this magazine from my friend. I interest in this magazine becouse it can support my learning process and improve my English to be better. I want to ask for your magazine, please send me to annie rosyida, address : Dlimas RT 02/ RW 03, on Jalan Petamanan-Limpung, Banyuputih, Batang, Central Java (Jawa Tengah) 51271

  21. kartini berkata:

    hi…my name is kartini. i was born on 21st of April. I’m a student of english department of faculty of teacher training and education at Mataram university in west nusa tenggara. now I’m doing my S. Pd thesis I take an issue about teacher made english test. one of my reasons why I choose this topic as my research because many teachers have no valid instrument to test the student’s ability in their school. because teacher made english test is one of the tools to test the student’s achievement in a course so with no doubt I do this research. my proposal project has approved. it means that by this year I can get my degree and I hope I can be an english teacher in a formal school. kangguru I need your help. there are many material that I can use from the magazine. I want to be a professional english teacher. kangguru helps me please.
    address: jl. swadaya gang 21 no. 15 ampenan mataram.

    • syifa alifa nurfitriani berkata:

      hii kangguru magazine..
      my name is syifa alifa,,i’m a student of amanah islamic boarding my scholl,,all student must use arabic language and english language..i like that.i hope kanggu magazine can help me,,i hope kangguru magazine can give much vocabularies and knowladge about english..i’m waiting you,,ok.
      now,,i live in amanah islamic boarding school,,sambongjaya street number.50 tasikmalaya-west java..

    • eko suryono berkata:

      hi…, I’m eko suryono, i’m from Solo, can i be ur friend, i wanna increase my skill of english, as i know english is practical lesson, so i need friend to help me

  22. suparman berkata:

    hi kangg magazine,i am an english teacher in one of elementary school in surabaya.l have a lot of students who want to develop and increase their English ability.When l show them about kangguru English magazine they interested in reading and discuss about diffrent topics and cross culture understanding especially relationship between Australia and Indonesia.I am very glad if my students and I can subscribe and get kangguru English magazine monthly.We really hope the it can support us to enlarge our competency in English.thank you very much for your attention.We hope that you can also be the best English Magazine and inspire another ones.

  23. Hello.My name is Selfi Khairunnisa.I live in Medan,Indonesia.I am a Senior High School student.I have one brother and one sister.So,I’m the third and the last child.My brother and my sister had finished Senior High School.I’m the last hope to choose the best college.My families ask me to be a doctor.I agree with them because I want to cure all sick people.I like healthy person.And my father asks me to study in foreign medical’s university.I want that but I’m afraid I will disappoint him if I can’t reach that.But I keep study hard especially in Biology and English.
    By the way,my hobbies are swimming and reading.I think swimming is nice although I’m not really good at it.I also like reading magazine,novel,comic,and read about the new or the weird things.My father always says that we have to read more because it’s very good for our knowledge.Don’t read only the books are given from school.I’m very happy to hear my father advice.It make me have more motivation.
    I like learn about foreign language including English.I think it’s interesting.But sometimes I feel hard to practise English conversation.I’m afraid if I will make so many mistakes later.I don’t know many vocabularies and sometimes I don’t understand about some idioms.Whereas I have studied in English Course 5 years.I try to watch English movie and listen to English songs so that I can practise my English fluently.But it’s so hard.While my father asks me study abroad.How can I speak Engish at there later?
    I hear from my teacher at a English course about this Kangguru Magazine.She said that Kangguru Magazine could help me to learn English and it’s free.So,I try to registration like this.I hope you can accept me and help my English with your free magazine.I hope you can sent your magazine this June 2011 at Jln.Muchtar Basri Blok A3 Medan so that I can learn more quickly.Because I will be 3rd grade at Senior High Scool 3 Medan.

  24. eko suryono berkata:

    Hello Kang Guru Magazine, my name is Eko Suryono, i’m an employee, i ever join english group when i was still in Senior Hight school, i ever follow Kang Guru programs n even i ever visit the office of Kang Guru, when i passed from my school, i seldom practice english, i wanna increase my skill of english, english is very important for now, especially in global era, n my company english is very needed, this is my difficulty in studying english, because i don’t have media n friend in studying it, i hope, if i can join in Kang Guru i can increas my skill, n participate in every programs, i wait your feed back,n Kang Guru can help me, i have a group of english, it’s called MTI programs, i wanna develope it, so i hope Kang Guru can help my, great for Kang Guru, Be teacher of the world

  25. Sasak Advanture berkata:

    haiii haii my name is hadyyy i do like this kind of learning english i want to get this magazine i want to inprove my english ,,,,how can i get this magazine thank u,,,,,,,

  26. Busron Musthofa berkata:

    Hi, Kangguru Magazine. I have known you about ten years ago, I am a fan of you. I need your magazine for our English club in our school (SMKN 1 Krangkeng Indramayu west Java) If you don’t mind please send me magazines or CD for listening lesson. I’ll wait you. Thanks

  27. uci ajijah berkata:

    Hello KGI, my name is uci i’m from lumajang east java, i’m school in MTsN lumajang. citandui street no. 75. my hobby is read KGI magazine. i know KGI magazine from my englies teacher he is name is Mr.Udin he is englies good and easy. i think KGI magazine is creative, good and interesting so i’m very like KGI magazine and i hope KGI magazine always to be number one.
    so would you give me KGI magazine december edition, thank you:-)

  28. muhammad syafi'ulloh jazuri berkata:

    hemmm thanks a lot for your kindness to improve our language,,,

  29. Annisa Weasley berkata:

    Hi KGI, I’m Anisa rizkia rahayu.I’m school at MA Al Hidayah sondriyan kendal ngawi 63261.actually, I very interested with kang guru indonesia’s magazine since first I know about KGI’s magazine. the first time I know about KGI’s magazine is from my friend. she is fajrin nafisatin. but, she isn’t my classmates.she has have KGI’s magazine and I have borrowed it for know about KGI. I very interested with KGI cause KGI have many usefull for me.I like it. the advantage of KGI IS I can study and speak english very well.I know many news from other country, schoolarship, vocabulary, technology, etc. actually, before I know about KGI I don’t like all of about english. but, after I know about KGI I very interested and really like to study and speak english very well. so, could I to be your member and get your magazine? because I want to speak and study english very well and to be international people in here after. I also know that english is international language. and language is tool of communication. Idon’t want and like to be “miss tomorrow and slow brain” people in this world.

  30. ahmad faruq berkata:

    when l have still had been in the class first of senior high scool, l loved englis so much, cz, l thnk it’s very importhan for our life n beginning n0w, l still exist to j0ing a curse in every places that hold a curse, . . But today l felt very difficult to do that cz l have n0t a pathner to share together n mybe englis kangguru will help me be alwaxs, in this case l need s0me methodes to answer my regret oc n see you

  31. Rino Eldika berkata:

    Hello Kang Guru Megazine, I’m Rino eldika. I from in Pekanbaru-Riau. I want to learn english language, maybe by kangguru magazine can heip me add new vocabularies, add knowladge of english and story. so i hope Kang Guru can help me, great for Kang Guru, Be teacher of the world. . .:)

  32. novia saptiafi berkata:

    good afternoon, i am novia saptiafi, 21 years old and studying english education department in Yogyakarta state University(UNY) since 2009 until now (six semester). i like listening english music, reading magazine and follow quizes in local radio. i have 3 sisters, father and mother. when i was a little kid, my dream was went to abroad and around to the world with my English skiils. now, i have fieldwork study in Smu N 11 yogyakarta and found some cases that my students never read english magazine before, but they want to increase their english school especially in reading, writing and cross cultural understanding.If you have it, I hope would like to give us some magazines about 50 magazines. I plan these magazines is used for students in reading activity or for discuss. I will receive it, whether old or new one. I will give it to school library. I will wait your reply, thank you.
    Here is my school address :
    jl. a.m sangaji 50 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  33. ulivia berkata:

    i want to get free magazine kanggoro to study english. how to get it….

    • Busron Musthofa berkata:

      I’m very glad after reading the information of kangguru programs, of course because I like read kangguru magazine actually I have known about kangguru magazine, and I have many collections when I was still studying in senior high school, but those magazines have brought my fiend, he likes kangguru magazines too and untill now he doesn’t return my magazines. I miss it again, because in this time I have an English Club that needs English book like Kangguru magazine.
      oh yap, How can We join with kangguru English club? I will wait your responds…. thanks

  34. Maya Mega Wangi berkata:

    please, help me to get this magazine…….
    I really want to read it…..
    I have tried to send a lot of letters, before, but never send it.
    I need this magazine to be my reading materials.

  35. humaidi berkata:

    how r u mmber of KGRE

  36. Deasy berkata:

    Hello KGRE..My name is Deasy. I’m a medical student of Airlangga University Surabaya. I want to ask, how to subscribe the KGRE magazine?
    I was always read this magazine when I’m in Junior High School in Bali..But then I continued my senior high school in Malang, and now I study in Surabaya.
    really miss this magazine so that I can improve my English better..

    • Selfi berkata:

      hi sis.Deasy.I’m Selfi.I think I feel interest about your study in medical because I want that…😀
      How do you do

    • Deasy berkata:

      Hi do you do..:)
      Are you a Senior High School student now?
      Study medical is quite interesting if you like it..
      there are so many new terms that should be remember of course…

    • Selfi berkata:

      Yes.I’m waiting for SNMPTN invitation and SNMPTN test.
      How did you feel when the first you study in Medical?? Was it hard?
      Hopefully I will study Medical like sist Deasy😀

    • Deasy berkata:

      Hooo…I was remember that time while waiting for SNMPTN, the most thrilling moment..because i didn’t even propose to another university..
      What univ will you propose to?Are you in a course such as SSC or ganesha or something else?
      At first, the subject was not too different from high school..
      but then the second semester, it was the real medical world..
      you have to really learn it..
      I felt that transitional time was quite hard..hehe..
      Gud luck for your study Selfi..^^

    • Selfi berkata:

      I am going to choose USU and UNRI in SNMPTN writing test.But I hope I can win in SNMPTN invitation that I chose USU and UNIBRAW.
      Now I am studying intensive in SSC..
      I must get my dream.Please pray for me sis…
      Good luck for your college too….😀

  37. M.Rizal aufiq berkata:

    i am very need magazine for study. I want to can english language by kangguru magazine can help me add new vocabularies and story here is my address :
    Name : M.Rizal aufiq
    Class : XI IA 4
    School : SMA N 1 Balapulang
    provinsi jawa tengah

  38. selli anggun tri p berkata:

    hii😀 i am a high school student grade eleven.
    I got a task to get the kangguru magazine to learn the language, if you would not mind to send me the kangguru magazine … please
    send to my school address:
    name: selli graceful tri p
    class: XI IA 4
    Jl.Banjaranyar PO BOX 02 Balapulang / Tel. 0283-463963
    Tegal, Central Java

  39. monika rizkiana berkata:

    hello ,i am monika rizkiana ,I am study in SMA N 1 BALAPULANG Jl.Banjaranyar ,tegal,central java,Indonesia.In class XI.IA.3 .I am very interrest with kANG guru .can you help me for send magazine in my school,please

  40. nauval dwi rizaldi berkata:

    hai kangguru ………..i am nauval dwi rizaldi
    i feel difficult learn english language ,after see kang guru .i hope kangguru can help me with send magazine in :
    jalan kalikumisik no.19
    wanasari village rt 02/ rw 01
    kecamatan margasari
    kabupaten tegal
    central java

  41. hai i am Abd Rozi i am a chief of english club in school, i need your support and helps to make sure my member’s english skill, i need some article from kangguru,,

  42. didin berkata:

    hai my name didin, i come from bandung, i verry hapy meet with you, same years ago i ever sent a magazine from kangoro magazine and you much give me some knowledge, such as sport, art and so on, but now never again, can you give me again this magazine my adress is perumahan cibiru asri blok s7 cibiru wetan, cileunyi bandung, thank from your kind

  43. NURHIDAYATI berkata:

    sorry I have to send my wrong school adress so this one is correct one.
    Here is my school adress;
    POS. 83361
    Tlp. 087 864 456 117

  44. Jeansie Fawzi Maharanny berkata:

    hi., my name is Jeansie fawzi Maharanny
    im study in SMK salafiyah computer tehnology and networking i verry love english,
    my hobbi is listening music,and watch spongebob squarepants
    last year my friend got this magazine in this year i try to get it to,
    and i wanna get this magazine with i send this letter in your blog. and i hope this time i can get it.
    please send the magazine in my school address in SMK Salafiyah Kajen Margoyoso Pati
    jl. ronggo kusumo desa kajen kecamatan margoyosi kab. pati 59154
    my cell phone 085786456399

  45. IBNU HAJAR berkata:

    my name is ibnu hajar.
    addres: jl kh akhmad dahlan perampuan timur kr.bongkot labuapi NTB.
    in 2001 i was often listening about kangguru radio english , i received magazine too, but because i m bussy now i dont have time to search chanel of RRI mataram or maybe it s over kangguru broadcast learning english trough the radio, i miss a time when i learning english, so many vocabulary that i have forrgotten, infact my english will be forget, i hope the magazine free for me

  46. Ahmad Fauzi berkata:

    I wonder about the free kangguru magazine that should have been sent to me last year in september or December since I have submitted the subsription by filling the application. How could it be? Then when will I get such good magazine? Fauzi, Balikpapan

  47. ratna sari berkata:

    my name is ratna sari. I am a student in one small town in central Java. I know about the kangguru magazine from my teacher. He told the magazine very educative. since then I started to find out about kangguru and magazines through this short article I hope I got the magazine free kangguru. I like to read books. every book that I think is interesting. especially now that I’m learning to master the English language for two years I was going to college. so please send me the magazine kangguru
    Jl. Dieng KM. 1 Rowopeni, Wonosobo 56,314
    thank you very much Kang Guru.

  48. hello……..i’m new follower….i’m interested whit engglis magazin…..can i get it? how to get scholarship of kangguru australia?

  49. if you want to answer my question to my number 087764150011

  50. hii…….kangguru magazin, i’m mucharom rusdiana,i’m student of senior high school al-muslihun, tulungagung,kalidawir,tunggangri,jabon,……………..i life in small vilage that is trenggalek,munjungan,………… my vilage there’s very beauty beach….there’re many kind of cultures in my vilage…..i have simple family therefor i want to change my activity to be usefull for other one and to please my parents…… learning engglis……, i hope you send magazin kangguru so that i can increas my knowlage……..and i hope you visit my school because i want to really meet you…please…………..through this i hope you can answer my hope…….and i hope you can drop in my vilage….i’m very heppy if you do it…………..ok just like that if i have some mistakes during i write it forgive me please….i’m moslem i say ..wassalamualaikum,.wr.wb. i’m waiting for your answer.

  51. Lieka Juliansyah berkata:

    I Hope can write to majaalah kangguru….I’am from Blora jawa tengah,
    I’am shcool Mts wahdatuth thullab purworejo blora..but now study in Yogyakarta.

  52. Lieka Juliansyah berkata:

    I hope can joint with majalah kangguru denpasar bali..

    @salam dari anak2 Mts Wahdatuth Thullab Purworejo Blora Jawa Tengah.

  53. xnxf berkata:

    Hi, this weekend is fastidious in favor of me, because this point in time i
    am reading this great educational article here at my residence.

  54. Keeley berkata:

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  55. Hi! I’ve been following your web site for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

  56. peace studies berkata:

    Hey there! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when browsing from my iphone4. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct
    this problem. If you have any recommendations, please
    share. Appreciate it!

  57. Riyanti Widy Astuti berkata:

    now…i am currently taking my education in STKIP PGRI BLITAR in english major
    and i want to improve my english language, i’m sure that kangguru magazine cap help me to get it..
    thank you

  58. moh. zuhdi berkata:

    Hello sir, my name is moh. zuhdi, my nick name is zuhdi, i am a student of communications department pascasarjana at UNIVERCITY DR. SOETOMO (UNITOMO) Surabaya. i like this magazine kangguru. and i always read the magazine well. i interest it from the first time when i get the magazine from my friends. but i so difficult to get it. so, by this web of kangguru radio english, i do hope, you can send me the magazine. this is my address : moh. sirajudin no 03 pp. nurul islam karangcempaka bluto-sumenep. post code: 69466. thank you for your attention.

  59. kik for pc berkata:

    It’s going to be end of mine day, but before ending I am reading this wonderful article to improve my knowledge.

  60. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in
    fact was a amusement account it. Look advanced to more added agreeable
    from you! However, how can we communicate?

  61. Anissa Waee berkata: name anissa…really miss funny idioms from KGRE magazie. How to get it more? this magazine really help me to improve my vocabulary..

  62. SAEPUL BAHRI, S.pd berkata:

    Hi, KGRE INDONESIA, I’m so interested on your magazine since i red it in 2004 when i entered the university in first time. and now i am teaching at SMP ISLAM NW AJAN east Lombok NTB. i teach in second and third grade. my students really interested in English, especially when they introduced to the newest things like colourful magazine, newspapers, phamplets that using English. I showed them the KGRE magazine that i had in 2004, and they really hoped to get it.
    “so do I” I said to my students.
    and to KGRE Indonesia. we do need your Magazine to improve ours English for better future.
    thanks. SAEPUL BAHRI, S.Pd.
    POS code: 83671

  63. dewi suci nuraini berkata:

    Like this

  64. thinkidiotz berkata:

    Hello, my name is Afa. I am an English tutor at one of courses in my hometown. As reference I found from internet, Kang Guru magazine is a good English book reference for enlarging a view.
    Hopefully I could get the magazine to improve my ability in English Teaching.
    Please kindly arrange it on my address below:
    a/n: Afa
    Desa Bulungcangkring Rt 05 Rw 10, Kecamatan Jekulo, Kabupaten Kudus.

    Thanks a lot,
    Best Regards,

  65. any hamzah berkata:

    good afternoon kangguru, nice to know your magizene .
    i’ am so interresting your magizine, but some of mooth ago i didn’t get your magizene again.
    could you tell me, the way to get again?? pleaseeeee…..

  66. Maxgrosir berkata:

    jadi pengen mendapatkannya itu majalah gratis!1 he

  67. Tagor Siagian berkata:

    Hi, I am interested in KGRE Indonesia. I need a material that is more real for students during which students are still oriented to the text reading from textbooks. I will very happy when I get the latest magazine or old. This is address of my school.
    SMP Negeri 35 Medan
    Jalan Williem iskandar Pasar V Medan Estate
    Kecamatan Medan Tembung
    Sumatera Utara. INDONESIA 20222

  68. alfina herawati berkata:

    hay, my name Alfina herawati, I know this magazine from my teacherturned out the contents of the magazine is very interesting:) I would like to know more about this magazine:)

  69. anang berkata:

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    how to get kangguru magazine?

  70. chaidir malik berkata:

    I am chaidir Malik an english teacher in Remote area region of Gowa, South Sulawesi, I would like to share kanguru magazine to my students……how to get it????help me

    • Chaidir Malik berkata:

      According to my friends Kangguru magazine materials very interesting to use in teaching and learning process not only in the class room but also in open air area(english meeting club),….

      Chaidir Malik
      SMPN. 3 Pattallassang
      Kabupaten Gowa, Sulawesi Selatan
      Home….Dg. Tata !, Blok 5 no. 19,
      Kelurahan Parang Tambung,Kec. Tamalate, Makassar, 90222

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    but i got many dificulties for getting new information such new vocabularies, and a good english article. so i hope you can share a kangaroo magazine for learning..
    Achmad Munawwir
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    Home… Jl. M. Ilmi, No. 31 RT. 3 Ds. Jaya Kelapa
    kabupaten kotawaringin timur, Kec. Mentaya hilir selatan Samuda, KAlimantan Tengah Sampit

  72. Sugiono berkata:

    Oh thanks so much for kangguru now I can practice&use my english.after I listen your broadcasting in ads fm trenggalek.I think that is a good program so many students&lot of people can study english by listening the program&practice speaking english well.eventhough It just speak by phone.It’s very useful for us.And I hope that program will continue again.thanks so much for hearing me. Mr.sugiono

  73. uswatun Hasanah berkata:

    good morning all, my name is Uswatun Hasanah, I am a student in University of trunojoyo Madura, and now I am in the sixth semester in English study program. well for the first I have intention or expection to have kangguru megazine because I want to have some sources for my thesis. I am from Sampang, a smaal city in Madura, and of course I am villager but I am believe that I can make my villager be better. I hope I can get the kangguru megazine to improve my English. hopefully you can read my message. this is my email ( give information in any.

  74. Rinaldi Agus berkata:

    I am Rinaldi Agus. I am 45 years old. I live in Ujungbatu, Rokan Hulu Regency. Riau.I have an English course. Now I have 20 students. I used to teach in SMU Al -Huda Panam Pekanbaru.I have ever met with Mr. Kevin R. Dalton when he visited Bengkalis with Afrizal my friend.I am interested to have copies of Kangguru magazines for student for free. Can send me?

  75. Rinaldi Agus berkata:

    Aldios English Course
    Jl. Sudirman (depan swalayan Latifa)
    Ujungbatu, Kabupaten Rokanhulu. Riau

    • Chaidir Malik berkata:

      chaidir malik, English teacher of smpn. 3 Pattalassang, head of English association and Batara English community, i really need ur magazine to share to my community member…..


  76. Fuji berkata:

    I just need to ask all people commented above. anyone of you has got replied from KGRE team? please share to me. 085655246785

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